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The iconic gas mask. The world today is not on a peaceful trajectory. They are also necessary for many DIY projects. They can protect from paint fumes, chemical vapors, demolition debris, etc. Some cost several hundred dollars just for the mask — filters sold separately! Note: If you just want our top recommendations without the technical information, feel free to jump ahead.

Most of us take clean breathable air for granted… which can be a deadly mistake. What really sucks in this situation is knowingly being forced to breathe the toxins in. So if the thought of this horrible scenario frightens you it does for meyou should be highly motivated to invest in a high-quality gas mask. A gas mask is simply, a small, portable, personal air purifying device. Similar in concept to a portable water filter that cleans water prior to drinking. The key difference being you can avoid drinking water for longer than 3 minutes!

The first known gas masks were made by the ancient Greeks. They were crude versions using sponges. A few centuries later, a pair of Iraqi brothers produced a rough prototype of a 19th-century version of the gas mask. But these were very primitive. But to be fair, chemical and nuclear warfare were still yet to be invented. The first practical gas mask, with real survival potential, was created by a Brit named Edward Harrison in shortly after the invention of chemical warfare during WWI.

Since then the gas mask has morphed into a symbol of the apocalyptic. But as menacing as they may look; they save lives. That why you should add one to your survival gear in your home, or in your bug-out-bag.

But they do require research, preparation, upkeep. And a little bit of know-how to buy the right one. The first steps to making an informed gas mask purchase are to determine which style gas mask is right for you. And you do this by deciding what level of protection you desire.But in a situation whereby you get cornered, having gas mask respirators could prove to be a lifesaver. Gas mask respirators are designed to purify the air; filtering the air thus preventing one from inhaling pollutants that might be present in the atmosphere.

They also offer a good degree of protection for the face and other sensitive organs around it. Avon is one of the top-ranked companies that hold expertise in the field and is serving the customers for a long time. The vast portfolio that this brand holds makes it reliable and a leading brand. With an extensive range of amazing protective gear, the brand aims to provide you a safe experience.

Gas Mask Parts and Accessories

Let us have a look at what the brand has to offer with Avon M Picture above is for Avon M53 version that is better than M While on the brighter end of this military gas mask by Avon, there is an on-going list of remarkable features that make up for that single drawback. The single panoramic lens featured in this ensemble allows you to get a more unobstructed view of your work so that you can perform your task efficiently. Moreover, this lens is scratch proof.

In this way, it becomes capable of delivering you a clear picture for long term use. The de-misting properties of this mask also work in your favor so that you can view better and work better.

M40A1 Gas Mask

The twin filter featured in this product makes it highly protective. It is capable of protecting you against harmful chemical agents as well. Moreover, the twin filter also enables it to offer low inhalation resistance. With the help of these features, the mask allows air to flow so that you do not feel suffocated at all easily.

As it has self-sea valves installed, you will be able to change the filters of your mask without the need to hold your breath.

The heat build-up while wearing this is minimized, so you do not need to worry about being suffocated. All in all, the Avon M50 is the best military grade CBRN gas mask used by US military and has an excellent ensemble as it protects you from multiple harmful chemicals and biological weapons. The beneficial features of this product make it desirable and appealing.

The best part about wearing this gear is that you will not feel suffocated at all.Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. The gas mask demand is extremely volatile due to the news of the Coronavirus. Prices and availability are changing daily, check back often when selecting what you want. We have had to raise our prices to help stave off these opportunists.

Please be aware of the surroundings you could be encountering when using these masks. Nothing on this page is useful for entering a confined space lacking proper oxygen. Gas Mask Filters. Despite what some have been saying on the internet, there is no expiration dates on NATO cartridges.

Gas mask filters are not returnable if the factory seal is broken! Gas Mask Parts and Accessories. Below is various accessories and parts for gas masks. Please take note if they are applicable to the mask you are buying for. National Debt. The current U. Pandemic Flu Preparedness Kit. Infant Protector Hood. M40 Tips and Accessories. Small, light weight and inexpensive enough to be carried in a pocket, purse, glove box, bug-out bag, desk drawer, and many other places where a full size gas mask would be too cumbersome.

A refund for excess postage is usually issued for these, click on image for more information. Successfully Added to your Shopping Cart. Adding to Cart Full case of 21 complete Department of Defense Kits, each with six masks, hand sanitizer and information sheet.The M40 field protective mask was one of various protective masks used by the United States Armed Forces and its allies to protect from field concentrations of chemical and biological agents, along with radiological fallout particles.

It is not effective in an oxygen deficient environment or against ammonia. The M40 was the result of a program in the s to develop a successor to the Mseries protective masks which had been in service with the US armed forces since The M40 was to be a return to conventional protective mask design with an external side-mounted filter canister, rather than the internal cheek filters of the M17, which were awkward to change, especially in a contaminated environment.

The final prototype, the XM40, was approved for service and then designated the M The M40 was phased into service with the U. Air Force and Navy. However, both masks suffered from the inadequate protective capabilities of their face pieces, which was of a silicone rubber susceptible to corrosion from blister agents. The M42 series masks are a variant of this mask with alterations that make it better suited for use by armored vehicle crews, who have to connect their masks to and draw air from their vehicle's own filtration system.

The M40 field protective mask is currently being replaced by the M50 joint service general purpose mask. Embassy 's Mutual Logistics Support Agreement program. The M40 field protective mask features three voicemitters, one on either the right or left side, and one in front.

A voicecom adapter may be placed over the front voicemitter to amplify the user's voice. The mask can be adjusted in the field to accept the filtering canister on either side, so that a weapon may be shouldered. Right-handed shooters will normally locate the canister on the left side of the mask and vice versa. The C2 canister on the M40 mask can protect the user from up to 15 nerve, choking, and blister agent attacks, and two blood agent attacks.

The M40 comes with a drinking system that allows the user to drink water after donning the mask for long periods of time in a chemically contaminated environment. In order to use the drinking system the user must also have suitably equipped canteen lids or an adapter for other containers.

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m40 gas mask green lenses

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Filters listed in this article are known to contain materials hazardous to health Exercise caution when handling and storing.

Refrain from using these filters. Seek medical advice if you have any concerns. Mask overview Edit The VM40's face piece was either dark green or black, with the production stamps located on the lower left and right side of the face piece where the chin would rest when worn.

Unlike it's predecessor the VM37the VM40 uses a simple strap and shaped chin rest to provide a tight seal to the user.

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The VM40 has a very unique type of harness, it uses three cloth straps attached with two metal tightening brackets to the rubber or cloth straps attached to the mask itself. This kind of harness design was cheap, yet it worked fine, and it helped saving on Germany's rubber during the Second World War as it was costly to use the helmet design.

Like all Volksgasmaske it uses a simple metal 40mm intake piece with a green rubbered inhale valve and a foam-like asbestos ring that helped drying the intake piece from sweat and condensation because of the cancerous nature of asbestos, it's recommended not to don the mask without first removing the aforementioned disc.

Inside of the VM40 revealing stamps. Categories :. Cancel Save.By Austin4September 11, in General Discussion. So today I went to my local surplus store, saw the M40 gas mask and bought it.

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The guy selling it said the lenses are shatter resistent but not sure if ansi rated. Anybody know if it is ansi rated or not, or do I need to buy new lenses.

Well, I'd get new lenses if you can get them, but you could try shooting a few round from a fps gun at them. Also, just because the limit is fps doesn't mean people will follow it. I got pelted from a fps gun and still have three marks on my side from two or three weeks ago.

These were the people who ragged "newbies" for being trigger happy Yeah I read your thread. But they regulate it pretty well. Chronoed my mp5k both times I went with it. Didnt shatter but cracked like a car window. Rated lenes probably not without having them specifically made. You could try calling a local plastic's shop like TAP Plastic's. Gas mask lens are not usually engineered for ANSI ballistic ratings. Doing the engineering, design, and getting the rating would cost additional money and no agency really requires it.

M40/M42 Gas Mask Outsert Lenses

The extra lens cover is designed to prevent scratching to the lens attached to the mask. The lens cover gets scratched instead of the lens on the mask and is a lot easier to replace.

I do not think they will survive a direct shot from a BB. Eye protection and boots hearing protection included for real steel are the two things that I would not skimp on for field play.

The problem with lens and plastics is that you may lose a lot of the clarity or may get a distorted field of view by placing thicker plastic on the lens. I was just saying that even though not certified, they are replaceable so if damaged, you can get new ones :P.The masks were developed and introduced as a replacement to the M17 series protective mask that had been in service since Mask, Protective Field, M The M17 introduced a number of innovative features absent on the previous service masks, such as a voice diaphragm and a drinking system.

However, the M17 series had a number of shortcomings:. These masks, however, had several problems with the panoramic eyepiece as well as the fact that the silicone rubber it was made of was vulnerable to persistent chemical warfare agents, which diffused into the silicone and eventually exposed the wearer to that agent.

Learning from their mistakes, the Army decided to start over. It was a very loose design, but it helped pave the way towards the development of the M Later, another XM40 prototype was designed.

It was similar to the first but more rigid. There were complaints about bulk, and so the mask was developed further.

m40 gas mask green lenses

It was mass-produced and mainstay issued from onwards. The outlet valve had a drinking tube built into it, which wrapped around the outlet valve cover and fit in a pocket on the cover again, similar to the MCU Series.

Inside, the mask has an inverted peripheral seal, and the chin cup has a slit to allow sweat to pass down to the exhale valve.

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It used a 40mm threaded C2 canister which could be switched out on either side with a secondary side voice diaphragm used for telephone communication to accommodate left and right-handed rifle users. The facepiece is made of olive-colored silicone rubber, as in the XM40 Series. The butyl rubber "second skin" fastened to the facepiece with hook and pile fasteners near the bottom of the exhale valve, where a part of the hood curled under that had the patches to fasten on.

The second skin wasn't sewn to the bottom of the hood, in order to pull the bottom of the hood over the outlet valve to maintain positive pressure in the hood. This feature and the fact that the second skin fastened with hook and pile fasteners, made the whole assembly prone to leaks, a serious design flaw. In the mids, the M40 was updated and re-designated the M40A1. It had a new orinasal cup design made of a smoother silicone rubber.

The hood and second skin were redesigned as well. The second skin was now a separate piece of molded butyl rubber, that once put on the mask, was meant to stay there aside from cleaning or replacing when broken. This new second skin did not cover the parts of the mask where the head harness buckles were attached, and had an up-raised peak of rubber, similar to the British S10 Facepiece, all around the edge of the skin.

The mask also was issued with a new type of canister - the C2A1.

m40 gas mask green lenses

The C2A1 used an improved, zinc based sorbent that defeated blood agent challenges. This replaced the hexavalent chromium based sorbent of the old C2 canisters making the filters safer for the wearer and for disposal. The filter variants can be identified visually; the C2 canister filters were painted black while the C2A1canister filters were painted green.

U.S. M48 Chemical-Biological Aircraft Apache Aviator's Mask

The old C2 was still used during the phased out and was eventually designated only for use in training with CS and other mask confidence challenges.

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